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Work marketplaces are broken, so we redesigned one from scratch. Integrated learning pathways, workflow automation and a project incubator take you from ideation to project creation, all in one place.

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People want work autonomy, but for many that dream remains out of reach. Existing work marketplaces exclude new members and show bias against certain demographics.

Finding a trustworthy professional is also difficult for businesses–current reputation systems are easy to game and finding the perfect fit is tedious.

Solution Triad

Xpressify connects workers and builders in an efficient marketplace that uses automation to supercharge productivity. We combine work and education pathways with advanced automation and decentralized financial models to provide better results for all.

Take advantage of your human capital with Xpressify’s Capita. Learn, Earn and Build in a marketplace of verified experts, and incubate your project on the Pollen launchpad.

Aggregated and community-made education pathways help you get started with a new skill or hone your expertise.

Data-driven reputations remove biases, give new users a fair start and connect clients with the right professionals.

Designed for builders, allowing those with ideas to take them from ideation to completion in a work environment built to support project development.

Xpressify’s unique application of decentralized economics supports all users, while the ambitious Humankind Project sets its sights on something bigger.

The Humankind Project is our altruistic mission to distribute profits to everyone and not just big investors.

Decentralized loans designed to give learners and builders alike the capital they need to achieve their goals.

Built around the Capital Pool, a massive multi-asset fund designed to protect the ecosystem from market volatility while circulating funds throughout Xpressify.

Powered by Hive Intelligence™, Xpressify leverages smart contracts and automation to supercharge workflows and facilitate trustless agreements between parties.

Hive automation increases workflow efficiency by automating task assignment and monitoring outcomes.

Swarms allow teams and communities to come together in dynamic workspaces governable with customizable smart contracts.

Decentralized, democratic platform governance via XpressifyDAO ensures the community is in control of the platform’s future.


Token Utility


The OMNI dashboard will supercharge your research time, help you build confidence in your trades and investments, and will reward you for sharing your own knowledge with the world.


Here, entrepreneurs, investors and businesses will be given the tools to realize their ideas and projects and send them directly into the blockchain metaverse with our innovative launchpad platform.

HumanKind Project

All humans will be eligible to apply for a Human Wallet through The HumanKind Project. Profits from Xpressify will be distributed amongst all Wallets for users to spend or save as they wish.

Our Team

The Xpressify team hails from all around the world. Each brings a unique perspective and skill set, but all share a common goal: to see technology used for the betterment of all.

Core Team

Andrea Souzakis
James Hilton
Founder, CEO, Strategy, Head of Development
Benjamin Cameron
Dean Bubello
Founder, President, COO, Strategy, Brand, UX, UI
Cedric Vance
Jeff Wallace
Lead Front-End Developer
Anil Bhaktar
Samuel van den Nieuwenhof
Senior Research/ Technical Writer
Candice Tierman
Ben Hofmeyer
Senior Research/ Technical Writer
Andrew Finnigan
Token Economics / Decentralized Finance
Andrew Finnigan
Chief Marketing Officer
Andrew Finnigan
Chief Growth Officer
Andrew Finnigan
Chief Financial Officer
Cedric Vance
Lead Blockchain Developer
Andrew Finnigan
Lead Digital Marketing
Andrew Finnigan
Head of Education


Andrew Finnigan
Dr. Chase C. Cicchetti
Strategy and Currencies Markets
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Legal Advisor and SEC Compliance

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Our Whitepaper outlines our vision and sets the agenda for what Xpressify will accomplish.

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Xpressify will be released in stages, with each epoch building upon the previous. These epochs take inspiration from pioneers in apiology and give clear objectives for each phase of the project’s development.



Amos Ives Root (1839–1923) was an innovator in honey harvesting techniques and was one of the only eyewitnesses to publish accounts of early flights of the Wright brothers.

  • Founding team established
  • Initial capital raised
  • Whitepaper, token utility and economics strategy published
  • Alpha version of app launched (V1)


Petro Prokopovych (1775–1850) was a Ukrainian beekeeper who is widely credited as the founder of commercial beekeeping.

  • Token launched
  • Launchpad membership NFTs released
  • Beta version of app released (V2)


Charles Dadant (1817–1902) was a French- American beekeeper who modernized commercial beekeeping by developing a hive that optimized honey harvesting while promoting the wellbeing of the colony.

  • Workflow automation enabled
  • Token staking launched
  • Production version of app released (V3)


Karl von Frisch (1886–1982) was an Austrian Nobel Prize winner who studied honeybee communication. Frisch was the first to detail how flight patterns, or ‘dances’, are used by bees to communicate detailed information about resources.

  • Swarm governance by smart contracts enabled
  • Further automation and integration of all Xpressify components
  • Core governance system testing


Eva Crane (1912–2007) was a quantum mathematician turned beekeeper who published more than 180 papers, books and articles on apiology.

  • Full governance by DAO
  • Complete automatic integration of all Xpressify components
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